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(2017). Nay Myo Sandar. SOST-PhD-IT. Optimization Approaches to Cost Effective Resource Management for Cloud-based IoT Applications.

(2017). Gangyi Hu. SOST-PhD-IT. The Application Research of Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) in Image Processing.

(2017). Akarajit Tanjana. SOST-MSIT. Enabling Fuzzy Logic to Enhance Automatic Schema Matching.

(2017). Ahmed Muktar Omar. SOIT-MSIT. Automated Transliteration of Proper Names from Somali to English.

(2014). Ta Hoang Thang. SOIT-MSIT. Multilingual Wikipedia Enrichment using Infobox and Wikidata Alignment.

(2014). Salah Ali Hassan. SOIT-MSIT. Reducing the Gap between Users and Developers: A Problem Oriented Approach to Understanding Requirements Using Natural Language Processing.

(2014). Mohamed Hussein Ahmed. SOIT-MSIT. A Support Vector Machine Approach to Automatic Email Multiclass Classification.

(2013). Photchanan Ratanajaipan. SOIT-PhD. A Framework for Representing and Reasoning with Metadata Application Profiles Based on XML Declarative Description.

(2012). M Zau Ja. SOT-MSIT. A Metadata-oriented and Integrated Approach to Personal File Management.

(2011). Lin Min Min Myint . SOIT-PhD. Iterative Processing for Bit Patterned Media Storage.

(2011). Martin Schoch. SOIT-PhD. Life-Cycle Cost Based Optimization of Building-Volume Designs during Early Architectural Design Stages.

(2010). Chairerk Thammarak. SOT-MSMT. Emission Assessment from Power Grid in Thailand.

(2010). Krich Nasingkun. SOT-MSIT. Development of a Rule-based Semantic Computing Engine.

(2009). Rachanee Ungrangsi. SOT-PhD. An Ontology Retrieval Framework for Semantic Web Applications.

(2008). Ohmar Thwin. SOT-MSIT. Development of an Online Assessment System and Automatic Assessment through Intelligent Text Analysis.

(2007). Suchat Pupang. SOT-MSIT. Robust Romanized-Thai Interface and Algorithm for Efficient Dictionary and Web Search.

(2007). Waewwan Wattanasiriwit. SOT-MSMT. The Safety of Street Food in Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok Metropolitan.

(2007). Yenruedee Chanwirawong. SOT-MSIT. Towards Intelligent and Adaptive Digital Library.

(2006). Chadchai Mattayom. SOT-MSIT. Version Management of Safety Cases.

(2006). Chakkapong Nopthaisong. SOT-MSIT. Automatic Music Classification and Retrieval: Experiments with Thai Music Collection.

(2006). Humayun Kabir Biswas. SOT-MSIT. Using Publications and Domain Knowledge to Build Research Profile: An Application in Automatic Reviewer Assignment.

(2006). Nophadol Jekjantuk. SOT-MSIT. E-Learning Content Management: An Ontology-Based Approach.

(2006). Sucharee Sanghan. SOT-MSIT. An Ontology and Semantic Web Service Approach to Adaptive E-Learning Service Planning.

(2006). Manwad Chokesuwattanaskul. SOT-MSMT. The Energy Management in Main Hall Building at Shinawatra University.

(2006). Ronnachai Vutthivithayarak. SOT-MESE. The Comparison of Energy Consumption between Central and Split Type Air Conditioning System in Dormitory Buildings: Shinawatra University.


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